Our Service is Fuel Drainage & Recovery

Simply put we can get you moving again with a minimum of lost time.

We are a rapid response team with the intention of having you up and running, no mess no fuss. Whether you are stuck at on a petrol station forecourt, or on the side of the road we can usually have someone out to you quickly.

Our average response time is 46 minutes.

When we arrive we aim to have you behind the wheel again within the shortest possible time. While there we undertake a full drainage and cleanse.

Please note we specialise in wrong fuel recovery only. If your car has suffered a misfuelling we can help. We do not offer breakdown recovery services or other repairs.

Our basic service consists of:
• Drain the wrong fuel from your tank
• Flush the fuel system if needed
• Get the engine started again
• Fresh fuel supplied at pump price
• FREE Diagnostic reset if required
• Environment-friendly disposal of contaminated fuel
• 24/7 & UK Nationwide

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