Read just a few of our testimonials below!

Louise S.

I thought this is the end. But came Bence and fixed my mistake. He was so polite and my car is running again. Thank you so much.

Tom O.

Super service and Andrew was an absolute gentleman explaining step by step what he would be doing to rectify my issue… great services gents!

Graham O.

Zsolt their engineer arrived promptly, was extremely efficient, explained everything very clearly, was helpful and very polite.
No hesitation in recommending Fuel Fixer to anyone unfortunate enough to make the same silly mistake.

Amanda L

Fantastic service. Bela who attended was superb. Tank drained effectively of wrong petrol and diesel mixed. I refuelled with diesel and have had no issues. RAC wouldn’t come out as allegedly, my Volvo XC90 “has to go back to dealer”! Cars they do cover are charged at an extortionate rate even with £50 discount as a member. They took 2 hours to tell me they could not fix fuel issue and only recover me 10 miles max to a garage! So glad I found fuel fix on line and am happy to fully recommend them. I had not started my vehicle and stopped refuelling as soon as I realised I was pumping the wrong fuel.
A very happy customer.


Could not fault the service. The man arrived promptly and never made me feel like an idiot for putting the wrong fuel in the car. He was friendly and very polite. The car was back on the road promptly. Very impressed. Thank you

Mrs Janette B

Mr. Brian Thomson was light my ‘Angel from Heaven’! Thoroughly professional and extremely reassuring.

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